Earn 5% Rewards with Seagate's Rewards Program Read More

Earn 5% Rewards with Seagate's Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Recommend Seagate Products and earn 5% of your referral’s purchases in rewards that will post to your account. Your Seagate account will earn 5% on the purchases made by your referrals which will be automatically post to your Seagate account and applied towards your future purchases on Seagate’s website. GET STARTED >>


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Program Overview

SEAGATE Customer Loyalty Rewards Program
Program Overview

Seagate’s Customer Loyalty Rewards is a program designed to have our satisfied customers, the people who know our products the best and who use them regularly, to recommend Seagate’s products to their friends. As a thank you to our loyal customers, Seagate will set up a “Rewards” account that earns 5% Rewards for each dollar each person that you refer spends on purchases of Seagate Products on our website using your code. These accumulated rewards will be applied towards reducing the cost of your future purchases.

If you agree to participate in the program, you will be issued a unique code that you can forward to your friends inviting them to visit the Seagate website. As an additional incentive for your friends, the code forwarded to them will provide a one-time $5.00-off savings on their initial purchase.

These Rewards will begin to accumulate automatically in your online Seagate account. Once the Rewards total exceeds $5.00 in your account, it will automatically apply towards your next order to reduce your out-of-pocket charges for the products that you are purchasing, including if applicable, any sales taxes or shipping costs.

The most powerful marketing tool for a company is the word-of-mouth recommendation by customers purchasing and using their products that recommend these products to their friends. Most of Seagate’s customer base is the result of this type of referral. Therefore this Customer Loyalty Rewards Program will further encourage people to consider making these recommendations, and in return reward them with savings on their own purchases on Seagate’s website.

Details about the Program can be found in the Terms and Conditions for this program and the Rules summary .