Earn 5% Rewards with Seagate's Rewards Program Read More

Earn 5% Rewards with Seagate's Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Recommend Seagate Products and earn 5% of your referral’s purchases in rewards that will post to your account. Your Seagate account will earn 5% on the purchases made by your referrals which will be automatically post to your Seagate account and applied towards your future purchases on Seagate’s website. GET STARTED >>


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Program Summary

SEAGATE Customer Loyalty Rewards - Program Rules Summary

This page provides a summary and explanation of how this program operates:

  1. When your Rewards Account is activated, you will receive a code generated by Seagate’s website that you may forward to friends. If your friends make a purchase on the Seagate website using your code, your account will be credited with $0.05 for every dollar that they spend on the website.
  2. Only one person per household may participate. You cannot make referrals to existing customers.
  3. Your account will be credited 7 days after your referral’s order has been shipped.
  4. Embedded within your code will be an incentive of $5.00-off for the initial order placed by your new referral.
  5. Your referrals will be eligible to participate in the program and will receive their own unique code in order to begin making their own referrals and earning referral points if they choose to join the program.
  6. Once your Referral Account exceeds $5.00, those points will automatically be applied to reduce the cost of your next order, including any sales tax and shipping charges.
  7. Referral Points are only earned based upon the dollar value of the products purchased by your referrals. You do not earn points based upon any other part of their invoice such as any shipping costs or taxes.
  8. You will continue to earn referral points for each of your referrals up until the 1-year anniversary date of their initial order. However, you may continue adding new referral customers whose purchases will generate Rewards to your account for a period of 1-year from the date that they begin their own purchasing.
  9. Rewards Points may be used for a period of 365 days from the date that they are posted as “Available” in your Seagate Account. Unused Rewards will be deleted from your account after 365 days.
  10. Rewards Points are only redeemable with purchases made on Seagate’s website.
  11. Auto-Ship customers:
    Referrals - If your referral signs up for Auto-Ship, your account will be credited for 5% of each of their Auto-Ship orders, until that customer reaches their 1-year anniversary.
    Redemption – Auto-Ship orders made by you cannot redeem reward points accumulating in your account because Auto-Ship orders do not allow for multiple discounting. You will need to place a regular non-Auto-Ship Order in order to apply any referral credits.


This Program Rules Summary is governed by the Seagate Customer Loyalty Rewards Program - Terms and Conditions and the general Terms and Conditions specified for the Seagate website. You should read those sections carefully because they also cover items that can cause an account to be terminated.