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A recipe for feeling well

When Nature created the olive tree, millions of years ago, it evolved a phytochemical structure to make it resistant to germs and bugs (fungi, mold, bacteria, parasites, viruses, insects …) There are records of the ancient Egyptians using the olive leaves over 5000 years ago to wrap their mummies, a method of preserving the body by stopping the bacterial and fungal breakdown of the flesh. Unless you are personally interested in mummification, these same anti-germ properties can also help us from getting sick and prolonging colds and flu.
Olive Leaf Tea

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:

Carefully rinse off a dozen olive leaves.
Using a scissors, cut the leaves into small thin pieces or alternatively crush leaves using a mortar and pestle.
Boil the cut/crushed leaves in 8-10 oz of water.
Strain leaf particles using a fine strainer.


a) Serves as a warm tea.
b) Allow it to cool down and use to gargle for sore throats.
c) Allow to cool, apply using a Q-tip to ears for earaches
d) Allow to cool, and use a nasal applicator to apply to sinuses.

If you do not have fresh olive leaves available, allow Seagate to do the work for you.

Seagate has Olive Leaf Nasal, Throat, and Earache homeopathic formulations complete with applicators.

A profile of independent lab-testing of the Olive Leaf Nasal Spray can be found by clicking here

In-vitro testing of the olive leaf remedies and over 5 years experience making and selling these products indicate in most cases these products will give very fast relief. Most of these remedies cost less than $10.00 retail price, which will be less than most prescription co-payments and certainly less than a doctor’s visit.

Seagate always recommends that for severe and ongoing infections and pain, you should always see your health care professional.