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Control hunger without diet-pills

Most diet pills offering easy weight-loss, do so by affecting your metabolism which in turn can affect your mood and sense of stability. Nopal Cactus leaves are simply Nature’s storage tank for water that allows this plant to survive under drought and desert conditions. The high content of mucilaginous fibers in nopal holds the water inside the cactus leaves in a jelly-like gooey mass. This water-storage capacity has developed through natural selection over the millennia which allows the plant to retain its moisture in case of leaf breakage by a bird, rock or wind, so that all the water does not come pouring out. Hundreds of years ago, it was discovered in Mexico that the same properties allow the Nopal to be an excellent natural diet control aid.

Nopal cactus leaves are first cleaned, then freeze-dried and then ground into a fine powder. Once the nopal powder enters the stomach it quickly absorbs moisture like a sponge, giving you a natural feeling of fullness. In addition, the water-soluble sugars in the stomach are also absorbed and temporarily held in this mucilaginous mass. This temporary absorption by the fiber will help keep the blood sugar level from spiking immediately after a meal. Eventually, the water and sugars are released as this fibrous jelly-like mass works its way though the digestive system. As a third benefit, taking a lot of nopal cactus capsules can aid in colon-cleansing.