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Nothing beats fish as a natural fertilizer

Fish is the best fertilizer for plants and vegetables. The Pilgrims first learned from Native Americans how to apply fish to fertilize their first crops. It is impossible to over-fertilize with fish. Dried Fish Fertilizer Concentrate contains a natural N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potash) level of 11-5-1. Unlike the liquid fish emulsion that is preserved with high levels of acid, dried fish powder has no danger of burning the plants roots.


Seagate uses fish fertilizer exclusively on their organic farms. This use of the fish waste was initially designed in order to operate as a “green” company, in order not need to dump any fish washwater into the sewer system and annoy the neighbors downstream from the factory, or discharge fish cuttings into the town dump that could still have some value on the farm. However, the use of the fish waste immediately showed its benefits in the crop size and yield. Crops of tomatoes, garlic and carrots that were fertilized with fish became gigantic. Not only was there the potential for Seagate in savings by eliminating commercial purchases of organic fertilizer, but crop yields doubled.

By 1999 customers began expressing interest not only in the freeze-dried carrots and garlic, but also in purchasing some of the fish fertilizer that was being used on the farm to grow these vegetables. It did not take very long before the supply of fish wastes from Seagate’s fish processing was insufficient to cover both the demand for Seagate’s farming and the demand for dried fish fertilizer to sell to the public. Seagate then began actively fishing sardines and anchovies to supply the production of Fish Fertilizer Concentrate.

Application methods: The simplest method to apply fish fertilizer powder to existing plants and flowers is to make a notch next to the root ball with a trowel, pour a tablespoon of fertilizer into the hole, and cover with dirt. For new plantings, pour a little fish powder into the hole before placing the new plant or seeds. The natural bacteria in the soil will slowly digest the fish providing the raw nutrients that will be absorbed into the soil and then by the plants’ root systems. For indoor plants, be sure to cover all the fish powder with soil to prevent the smell of decomposition from entering the room. For larger commercial operations such as Seagate’s, the fish can be plowed directly into the soil before planting. Alternatively for existing crops, Seagate has developed a drip irrigation method- First place some fish powder in an old sock (one without holes) and knot it. Place the sock in a bucket or barrel or water for several weeks (sealed), allowing the water to turn black from the bacterial decomposition. This water can then be added into your drip irrigation system.

The accompanying photo shows Sunflowers that grew a height of over 11 feet that were fertilized exclusively with the dried fish powder when the seed were originally planted in the Spring.