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Diet, exercise and the right supplements

The FDA allows Seagate to put on the Olive Oil capsule label – that diets rich in monounsaturated fat, Oleic Acid, can reduce the incidence of heart disease. The amount of olive oil that is recommended daily to accomplish this goal is approx. 23 grams (23 of the 1000mg softgels). Those 23 softgels of olive oil represent 230 extra calories of fat which can cause you to gain weight. Therefore, a person would need to reduce the consumption of other fats in order not to gain weight.

In addition to olive oil, a diet rich in fish (oily fish not a fast-food fish fillet) can also help reduce cholesterol and heart disease. Unfortunately we are no longer a fish-eating society because – fish are smelly, difficult to cook, require that someone in the household actually prepares a meal rather than orders take-out food, has a strong taste, has become somewhat expensive to purchase, and may contain contaminants. Seagate omega-3 shark liver oil and marine protein fish capsules can be used as a fish substitute for the finicky consumer. The shark liver oil is completely cleansed of all contaminants in the Seagate factory. The marine protein capsules are made from sardines and anchovies, which are so far down the food chain that they have not yet had any contamination. Taking 4-6 capsules of Marine Protein capsules each day for lunch along with an apple will give you the equivalent of a fish meal each week and keep you from feeling hungry during the middle of the day.

A fourth supplement offering support for a healthy heart is grape seed extract. Seagate processes a combination of the grape skin with the grape seed to produce a whole grape extract, exactly in the proportion that is provided by Nature. It is an excellent bloodstream antioxidant, which helps keep the OH— (hydroxyl molecule) and other oxidative compounds from attacking blood vessel walls, the heart and body organs.. Independent lab testing of this extract, exposing it for a period of 1-year of continuous exposure to hydrogen peroxide, a very strong oxidative molecule, was unable to cause any detectable oxidation of this extract.