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Prevention is the best solution

There are certain Asian countries where doctors are paid only when their patient is well, and are not paid when you become ill. The unfortunate focus of the U.S. medical industry is on being paid as a result of you becoming ill or contracting a serious disease. After hundreds of billions of dollars thrown into such diseases as cancer or diabetes and arthritis, these illnesses still exist and are affecting a much larger percentage of the U.S. population.

Perhaps a more proactive approach to help to prevent illness is by eating the right foods, taking the best supplements, diet and exercise. Not only this help us live longer but also maintain a quality of life that keeps us out of old-age homes and wheelchairs when we become 75 years of age. More than 50% of the U.S. population is overweight, rarely eats a real fish meal once a month, considers fresh vegetables to be the lettuce and tomato slice on a BLT sandwich, and views exercise as their daily walk to the mailbox.

Seagate has now made it easy to eat a fish meal each day from capsules, get their vegetables from concentrates, and take immune support and anti-microbial supplements as preventatives.
Beta Glucan, a chemical taken from the maitake mushroom, stimulates your t-cells (antibodies) and natural killer cells that are an important part of the natural defenses your body has to seek out and destroy germs. Should the immune system be unable to control the germs, the olive leaf contains 8 of Nature’s strongest anti-microbials phytochemicals, designed to directly attack invading germs. In-vitro lab test results of Seagate’s olive products against the MRSA Staph are provided in the chart below. Seagate does not claim that these products are antibiotics. These test results are provided just as an example of the potential.