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Keep your skin looking young and germ-free

The object of this page is for you to take a look at the various topical products that you apply to your skin and your children’s skin. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients that are on the labels or do not feel comfortable putting that oil or cream on your tongue, perhaps you might not want to have those chemicals applied to your skin. While many manufacturers might make you believe that those ingredients are safe because they are not taken internally, this is completely false. One of the easiest ways to have a chemical absorbed into your body is by applying it directly to the skin where it bypasses the acids and enzymes in your stomach and digestive tract that might have a chance of breaking down that chemical, and instead allowing the skin to absorb that chemical in its original and possibly toxic form. Skin care, whether it is for anti-wrinkle, burns, rashes, or skin infections can be done entirely with natural edible plant-based and marine-based oils. In the 21st century, is it really necessary to be rubbing abrasive goopy chemicals like zinc oxide with petroleum derivatives to cure a diaper rash?

Seagate combines their own extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, omega-3 shark liver oil and natural Vitamin E as an edible base in an all-natural moisturizer, and also to make several different homeopathic formulations for skin care, burns, rashes, eczema and fungal conditions. The question to ask yourself – isn’t it time you stopped rubbing goopy, abrasive zinc oxide complete with other petrochemicals onto a diaper rash when there is an all-natural homeopathic edible spray that can sooth the skin in seconds and provide over 300 applications per bottle?

Seagate always recommends that for severe and ongoing infections and pain, you should always see your health care professional.