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Anything goes (except medical advice)

I have a unique perspective on life after working in the business of building and operating factories for my own company and before that for Zapata Corp. since 1973. I have been fortunate to be able to make direct use of my 5 years of study in college and grad school where I focused on biology and the economics of renewable natural resources which became my field of work. It is therefore no accident that Seagate produces its own ingredients from renewable natural resources.


I hope this blog will give you some insight into the vision and energy behind Seagate, our views on the natural foods industry, the economy, and how we as a company deal with each. You are welcome to post comments and questions on subjects of interest to you that are related to your own health issues, the health food industry, this company or the economy. There is one rule – I am not a doctor and therefore do not give medical advice. To begin, I have chosen the one area of most concern to all:

Economic times are now rough for everyone. Unfortunately the U.S. economy has been built during the last 20 years on inflated asset . . . Continue Reading
I have found that the best way for Seagate during hard times is to continue to develop new innovative products and to improve our efficiency at producing existing products . . . Continue Reading