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Company Profile

Seagate began operations in 1981 as a fishing company, operating along the coast of northern Baja California harvesting a variety of Nature’s renewable marine resources that include anchovies, sardines, kelp, sea urchins, and sharks. We are regulated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Mexico’s Fisheries department. Seagate does not fish any endangered or threatened species.  In 1981, Seagate constructed its factory in Ensenada, Baja California to process a variety of specialty seafood products.

In 1994, Seagate entered the health food industry, utilizing the shark cartilage that is a byproduct from shark filleting operations.  Shark cartilage was our first health food product which attracted a lot of attention because of our methods of freeze-drying and guaranteeing 100% purity in our products.  It was very interesting to find out that even during those early years, very few of our competitors selling shark cartilage were actual processors of their own product.

In 1996 as Seagate expanded into other health food products, we also began organic farming.  This allowed us to continue with the strategy of producing our own products from our own raw materials.  The farming and fishing operations are closely related because we use the excess fish, fish wastes, and fish process water from our factory as fertilizer on our farms. In fact, many people are so interested in the fish fertilizer that we use on our own farm, that we began producing and packaging it in 2000.

Seagate began making extracts of the whole red grape (skin and seed) in 1997,developing our own methodology of making water-based whole herb extracts.  One of the most important raw materials that we harvest is the leaf from the olive tree.  Seagate Olive Leaf Extract has become a leader in the natural foods industry as a natural anti-microbial, helping to shorten the course and severity of common colds and flu.

The olive leaf extract and extra virgin olive oil that Seagate produces have become key ingredients in our line of cold and flu natural remedies, homeopathic formulations and skin care and topical homeopathic products and remedies.

Seagate has developed over 27 products from our own raw materials, taken from our fishing and farming operations.  Seagate founder Richard Lentz has been in the business of operating fishing boats, building and running factories, and developing new products since he graduated college over 35 years ago.  We therefore are a good resource for you to use for the topics listed on the 9 blogs that are running on this site. While we are considered experts in these areas of interest, we do not pretend to be medical doctors nor can we diagnose or treat anyone as part of this blog site.

Company Philosophy: Nature made it right...

...and it is Seagate’s job to maintain the quality of these raw materials provided by Nature that have all of these anti-microbial, immune-enhancing, health-producing and soothing characteristics. Seagate operates the old-fashioned way, when small natural food companies used to farm or gather their own herbs and other raw materials (20 years ago), and then processed their own products in their own small factories, trying to make the best possible products.