Grape Seed Extract 250mg


The Source: Seagate processes its own grape seed extract. We haul our red grapes back to our plant from a local vineyard. These grapes are tested by a California State Certified lab to be 100% free of all pesticides and chemicals. As with all of our products, laboratory analyses are available upon request.

Value: Seagate has developed a unique Grape Seed Extract (GSE) that is a superior product by every measure of quality, presentation and customer service.

Advantage: The Seagate 250 mg. capsule is an exceptional value, combining an extract of the red grape seed with an extract made from the skin. We can be more generous with capsule fill because we process this product in our plant. One Seagate 250 mg. GSE capsule is equal to 3 to 8 capsules of many competing brands. However, one Seagate 250 mg. GSE capsule costs about the same as one capsule of many competing brands. Most other "manufacturers" of grape seed extract are really marketing companies, who are paying suppliers up to $1,000 per kilo for their raw material.

Processing: Seagate manufactures our own grapes seed extract in our own plant. We select red grapes at their peak ripeness from a local organic vineyard. We employ a cold-press freshwater extraction, without any chemicals, solvents, or alcohol. While most other brands must purchase their extract from raw materials suppliers, Seagate’s costs are in the overhead and machinery of operating our plant. That is how we can guarantee this level of quality and provide you with an exceptional value.

Purity: Seagate GSE is 100% pure. It is derived only from red grapes and does not contain any fillers, excipients, artificial or added colors or ingredients.

Red Grape Skin: Seagate GSE combines an extract of the red grape seed with an extract of the red grape skin in order to provide the many health benefits that are only available from utilizing the entire grape … as Nature meant it to be. Science is just now discovering the various benefits that are available from the skin.

Concentration: Seagate GSE compares very well against many other brands in independent lab tests measuring concentration of antioxidant compounds. We do not claim an actual "OPC" level (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) because there is no current laboratory methodology to measure such chemicals. However, we have tested at twice the index value (relative level) of proanthocyanidins in Seagate GSE compared with several leading brands.

Use: Your body may need nutritional support against oxidative damage caused by free radical compounds, and support for your heart and circulatory systems. Free radicals have been associated with premature aging and many degenerative conditions. Antioxidant compounds, a class of polyphenols, are found in ripened fruits and vegetables, particularly red grapes, which need this natural protection at the time they are most ripe, from the onset of factors that will eventually lead to their decomposition. Seagate Grape Seed Extract is an excellent laboratory- tested highly concentrated antioxidant. As an everyday vitamin, take one to two capsules/day. For additional support, take up to six capsules/day. Best if taken one half hour before meals.


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