Autoship Program

Auto-Ship Orders


Being an Auto-Ship customer means you wish to receive recurring delivery of our products (autoship). You'll receive the products and quantity of your choice automatically, at a frequency in which you choose (once every 30 or 60 days).  These automatic deliveries will be billed to your credit card on the day of each programmed shipment.

By selecting Auto-Shipments, you are committing to a minimum of two shipments, the initial shipment when you place the order plus the next shipment in either 30 or 60 days.

What are the benefits of being an Auto-Ship customer?

  • Hassle-free automatic delivery of your favorite products each month before you run out
  • A 5% Discount on all Auto-Ship orders and standard online purchases 
  • FREE Shipping on all Auto-Ship orders (U.S. 50 States only)

Is the Auto-ship Program available worldwide?

US Only.
Today, our program is only available to US customers only, who reside in the 50 States. As our worldwide demand and distribution grow, we are continually looking for ways to expand and improve the program.

Can other discounts be applied on an Auto-Ship Order?

The Auto-Ship calculation allows only one discount of 5%. However, if you order additional items in your cart not selected for Auto-Ship they will be charged at their regular retail price. The 10%-off deal on purchasing 6 or more bottles cannot be used as an Auto-Ship order or with an Auto-Ship order.  If you wish to place an order for 6 or more bottles for the 10% discount, that order must be placed as a separate (non-Auto-Ship) order.

How do I sign-up to become an Auto-Ship customer?

Signing up is easy!  Simply make your product selection using the 'Auto-Ship' tab found on every product page and complete your purchase from our online shop.

  • Use the Auto-Ship tab when filling your cart and making a purchase
  • Most Seagate products are available in this program (no samples)
  • After sign-up, manage your account by logging into 'My Account'

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