Pomegranate 500mg 100 V Caps


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Benefits: The pomegranate is an ancient fruit originating in the Middle East, that is slowly becoming known as a super-food in Western diets. Every part of this fruit is beneficial to your health, from the seeds and their juice sacs, to the peel and the oil contained in the skin. Modern medical studies are concluding what the ancients knew thousands of years ago, that pomegranates are really good for you. 

Processing: The whole pomegranates are delivered to Seagate's plant on the day they are harvested. The pomegranates are washed and then chopped into small pieces, exposing the seeds, and retaining the juice. The pomegranate's entire mix of seeds, skin, pulp and juice is fed into Seagate's freeze-dryer where the water is evaporated at very low temperatures. The freeze-dried material is then ground into a fine powder, which represents a 10:1 concentration from the original whole fruit. Seagate uses no chemicals or solvents in this or any of their products. The pomegranate powder processed by Seagate is 100% pure, with no fillers or excipients.

Composition: Seagate pomegranate powder is essentially the whole pomegranate with only the moisture removed. The seeds contained in the pomegranate provide it high fiber content. One serving (2 capsules) provides 48 mg of polyphenols which contain Ellagic Acid (7 mg), Gallic Acid (4 mg), and Punicaligin A & B (4 mg) which are antioxidant and free-radical scavenging compounds.

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