Shark Cartilage 650mg


Seagate is a fishing company. However, Seagate discontinued shark fishing in 1999.  The shark cartilage is a byproduct of local seafood processors who produce a very low volume of shark meat for Ensenada grocery stores.

Processing:  In 1993, Seagate added equipment in our plant that includes freeze-dryers and cryogenic grinders in order to produce the highest quality product. The meat is mechanically separated from the cartilage using high-speed brushes. The cartilage is then freeze-dried in a specially constructed high vacuum rotary chamber where the moisture in the cartilage is evaporated at very low temperatures. Seagate can guarantee the quality and integrity of this product, because we control the entire process.

Purity: Real shark cartilage product contains 50% protein. Seagate shark cartilage is not cut with fillers. The product is so pure that we do not even use excipients in our capsules. Seagate is not sterilized, chemically treated or exposed to high temperatures during processing. Controversy: Not all shark cartilage products are alike. In 1997 Seagate was sued for $20 million in federal court by another shark cartilage manufacturer because we publish and circulate independent lab reports in our now famous 50-page "Red Booklet" which revealed that some brands of shark cartilage were using adulterated, sterilized and in some cases even contaminated product that are being excessively cut with fillers including sugars and bone meal. No wonder the public was getting poor results from many brands. Seagate won this federal lawsuit when the plaintiff quit their case. The truth is a powerful tool, both in Court and in the marketplace. Product that is sterilized, contaminated, and cut with fillers has no chance of helping. Real shark cartilage is very effective in support of healthy joints. Seagate Shark Cartilage is pure, freeze-dried, laboratory-tested, and doctor-recommended.


Freeze-Dried Shark Cartilage
Vegetable capsule

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